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Offcial School Website

Dear friends, 
Our School has a glorious history of 100 years. (We have completed 100 years: 1911 - 2011). Over last 6 years (since 2008) , I have received an overwhelming response from ex- sophians. 
I made this Blog as a website when I was in 11th standard in Sophia. It was our Summer vacation assignment for HTML Language which I published on a Blog in 2008. Since then, I have received 200+ comments on this blog.  

Many people had requested me to provide Information regarding school and admission, but I can not do that because
1. I do not have the authority.
2. This is not our School's Official Website. Its a blog made by a an Ex-Sophian.

For all parents seeking admissions in Sophia, or ex-students looking to get in touch with friends and teachers, Please visit the official Website of our school :

Official Website :: St. Angela Sophia Senior Secondary School, Jaipur

Friday, March 14, 2008


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Line1 :(Siting left to right)
Mam Margret Smith, Mam Aruna Agrawal, Sir Raj Bahadur, Mam Madhu Sharma, Sister Superior, Sister Fabina, Sister Juliana, Mam Abha Mathur, Mam Anju Ahuja, Mam Sneh Rathore.
Line2 :(standing)
Mam Jyoti Johnson, Mam Vani, Mam Gurpreet Kaur, Mam Minaxi Bhargava, Mam Sherly Money, Mam Sushila Ghansela, Mam bina Sharma,Mam Ragini Eshwar, Mam Sharmila Das, Mam Meena Kapoor, Mam Bindu Thomus, Mam Manjula Singh, Mam Manjula Halur, Mam Manju Sharma, Mam Aditi Das
Line3 :(Standing)
Mam Aarti Jain, Mam Mini, Mam Jacob khangam, Mam Monica Wiseman, Mam Varsha, Mam Elvira, Mam Nidhi, Mam Ruchra, Mam Kiran Bhandari, Mam Yasmeen, Mam Monica Singhal, Mam Minaxi Luhadiya, Mam Anureeta, Mam Urmila
Line4 :(Standing)
Sharma Sir, Mam Anju Behel, Mam Sunita Yadav, Mam Neelam, Mam Raj Chauhan, Mam Ambica Uni, Mam Neepa Reji, Mam Sarica, Mam Archana Vyaas, Mam Sherly (PTI), Sir Sangeet Thomus

Monday, March 3, 2008

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St. Angela Sophia School, Jaipur

School Intro

Brief History of the school

The intitution was originally established as a Boarding School In April 1911, in Ajmer, exclusivly to care for Christian Orphans. Named after the saint Angela of Merici, the saint who cared for poor orphans, the orphanage was transfered to Jaipur on 26 february, 1926. the intitution still exists and caters to poor, unpriviledged catholic children. in crouse of time, the day-school, now known as St Angela Sophia Sr. Secondry School was stared; the first day scholar was admitted in 1928. Since then, the intitution has opened its doors to children of all Creed.

St Angela Sophia School is administered by the Mission Sisters of Ajmer who have dedicated their lives to god and rendering devoted service in the feild of women education and upliftment of Humanity. It is one of the links in Sophia Schools of Rajasthan. It is under the Juridiction of the Director General/ President of Roman Catholic Diocesan Educational Society, Ajmer.

The school has affiliated to Rajasthan Board till 1996. Now the institution is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondry Education preparing students of Science, Humanities &Commerce streams.

A landmark in the history of Sophia School was created with the Starting of class XI in july 1970. Class XII was Started in July 1989. The Ex Angelite Association was established in 1997 and a guidance & Councelling cell was also set up in 1997.

Educational Aims Of the School

The primary aim of the school is to impart all round education on the modern lines to indian girls so as to enable them to grow up into knowledgable, refined and responsible citizens. It is based on the principles of Character formation. The school aims to make its students open to growth and to become intellectually competent.

School Uniform

All students must adhere to the following dress code. Astudent coming to school for her personal work or attending a schoolfunction/ Parents-Teacher meeting should be in School Uniform.

No student will be permitted to enter School premises unless she is in proper school uniform.

  • Summer

    From Class VI to X

    • Blue Skirt: Below Knee Lenght
    • Light Blue Blouse
    • White Rubber Band, Red Tie (acc. to house), White Socks, Black Shoes with laces

    From Class XI-XII

    • Blue Slawaar Kameez
    • Royal Blue Dupatta
    • White Rubber Band, Red Tie (acc. to house), White Socks, Black Shoes with laces
  • Winter

    From Class VI-XII

    • Navy Blue Blazer with School Monogram
    • Navy blue "V" neck Pullover
    • Navy Blue "V" sleeve-less Sweater
  • Saturdays (for VI to X)

    • White Blouse With School Monogram
    • White Skirt
    • White Socks
    • White Tennis Shoes

Ex Angelite Association

Another milestone in the achivements of sophia school is the Ex-angelite Association. It was inaugrated on 21 September, 1997 by Sister Mabel, The Principal.

It aims at re-enlivening the forgotten touches and smiles of the Ex-Angelites and thus keeping them bound closly. It would extend such oppourtunities by which all can be mutually helpful to one another. The creative potentials of the Ex-students would be ventilated through this Association.

Its membership is open to all those who have passed the qualifying Examination X/XI/XII from this institution.

The membership forms are available in school during Zero period only with Mrs. Anju Ahuja in the months of July and January.

Sophian Anthem

  • The bells of dear Sophia at break of grey dawn,

    From slumber deep wale us, ringing gaily on;

    They herald a new day of duty and love

    To praise our Great father in heaven above.
  • The bells of dear Sophia, Ohark; they are calling,

    The loved once, the loyal once, Sophians, one and all

    Come seek ye true wisdom, their echoes are pealing

    Ring on, ring on O Sophians hark to their sweet call.

School Timings

Summer(Feb. to Nov.)

7.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.


7.30 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.

Winter(Dec. to March)

8.00 a.m. to 1.45 p.m.


8.00 a.m. to 12.15 p.m.