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St. Angela Sophia School, Jaipur

School Intro

Brief History of the school

The intitution was originally established as a Boarding School In April 1911, in Ajmer, exclusivly to care for Christian Orphans. Named after the saint Angela of Merici, the saint who cared for poor orphans, the orphanage was transfered to Jaipur on 26 february, 1926. the intitution still exists and caters to poor, unpriviledged catholic children. in crouse of time, the day-school, now known as St Angela Sophia Sr. Secondry School was stared; the first day scholar was admitted in 1928. Since then, the intitution has opened its doors to children of all Creed.

St Angela Sophia School is administered by the Mission Sisters of Ajmer who have dedicated their lives to god and rendering devoted service in the feild of women education and upliftment of Humanity. It is one of the links in Sophia Schools of Rajasthan. It is under the Juridiction of the Director General/ President of Roman Catholic Diocesan Educational Society, Ajmer.

The school has affiliated to Rajasthan Board till 1996. Now the institution is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondry Education preparing students of Science, Humanities &Commerce streams.

A landmark in the history of Sophia School was created with the Starting of class XI in july 1970. Class XII was Started in July 1989. The Ex Angelite Association was established in 1997 and a guidance & Councelling cell was also set up in 1997.

Educational Aims Of the School

The primary aim of the school is to impart all round education on the modern lines to indian girls so as to enable them to grow up into knowledgable, refined and responsible citizens. It is based on the principles of Character formation. The school aims to make its students open to growth and to become intellectually competent.

School Uniform

All students must adhere to the following dress code. Astudent coming to school for her personal work or attending a schoolfunction/ Parents-Teacher meeting should be in School Uniform.

No student will be permitted to enter School premises unless she is in proper school uniform.

  • Summer

    From Class VI to X

    • Blue Skirt: Below Knee Lenght
    • Light Blue Blouse
    • White Rubber Band, Red Tie (acc. to house), White Socks, Black Shoes with laces

    From Class XI-XII

    • Blue Slawaar Kameez
    • Royal Blue Dupatta
    • White Rubber Band, Red Tie (acc. to house), White Socks, Black Shoes with laces
  • Winter

    From Class VI-XII

    • Navy Blue Blazer with School Monogram
    • Navy blue "V" neck Pullover
    • Navy Blue "V" sleeve-less Sweater
  • Saturdays (for VI to X)

    • White Blouse With School Monogram
    • White Skirt
    • White Socks
    • White Tennis Shoes

Ex Angelite Association

Another milestone in the achivements of sophia school is the Ex-angelite Association. It was inaugrated on 21 September, 1997 by Sister Mabel, The Principal.

It aims at re-enlivening the forgotten touches and smiles of the Ex-Angelites and thus keeping them bound closly. It would extend such oppourtunities by which all can be mutually helpful to one another. The creative potentials of the Ex-students would be ventilated through this Association.

Its membership is open to all those who have passed the qualifying Examination X/XI/XII from this institution.

The membership forms are available in school during Zero period only with Mrs. Anju Ahuja in the months of July and January.

Sophian Anthem

  • The bells of dear Sophia at break of grey dawn,

    From slumber deep wale us, ringing gaily on;

    They herald a new day of duty and love

    To praise our Great father in heaven above.
  • The bells of dear Sophia, Ohark; they are calling,

    The loved once, the loyal once, Sophians, one and all

    Come seek ye true wisdom, their echoes are pealing

    Ring on, ring on O Sophians hark to their sweet call.

School Timings

Summer(Feb. to Nov.)

7.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.


7.30 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.

Winter(Dec. to March)

8.00 a.m. to 1.45 p.m.


8.00 a.m. to 12.15 p.m.


Akanksha said...

Hey Any one there ???

vidisha said...


Rashmi said...

Hi Akanksha,

You did a good job with the site. Maybe you should start a group on for the alumni of the school.

If you would like to get in touch with me (I passed out in 1993.. long ago), mail me at

Best regards,

TARUN said...


sahil said...

best thing abt ur schoool is Are the girls

Drishti said...

Hey Akansksha
Good Job , i really liked the pictures , It really made sentimental ,lost in the memory lane , I have started a group of our school in Linked in Please check that Out
Anju Asrani/Drishti

Manisha said...

Hi I am Manisha Agarwal(now Singhal).I passed out in 1983.Just wanted to share with you all that school years were the best years of my life.I still remember Sr.Theodora's discipline and the valuable guidance of Ms.Monica Braz, Sr.Monika, Sr.Veronica, Ms.Manju Sharma, Ms. Madhu Sharma, Ms. Anju Ahuja,Raj Bahadur Sir,etc.etc.At present I am in Gurgaon and I am the HR&Admin Head in a Software Company and all the credit goes to my school teachers and mentors.I can be contacted at

margaret said...

Hey Akanksha,
The web site is v good ...was happy to see the pics. esp of the BB court, the church, the office the trees i used to sit under & study & it took me back in time! have many pleasant
memories I was a boarder & was there from grade 2
Well, I passed out in 80-81, Sr Theo was the Principal.
I am settled in Dubai since 86,
head my own Nursery School.
Wish some of my frnds read this & get in touch.
On another website I saw the pic. of the satff & some who taught me are there love to them,
Mrs. Madhu, sir stc. but i can nevr forget Mrs. Sahejpal, Mrs. Joseph, Lib Arora, Hindi Tr Arora Mrs. Massih, Mrs. Bhatnagsr ....
sanskrit tr & of course Sr Theodora who had a profound impact on my life ! My heart is with Sophia! What I am today I owe it to the Nuns, Trs. & my friends.
Class of 80-81, wake up ! Write to me. Love Ya so much!
Lata Margaret Young ( at school )
Lata Margaret Smith ---- now

snfrndz said...

hey g8 job really good to see pics of our school well plzz add some more pics
a msg for all newcommers N juniors


times i have not forgotten
of my schooldays which r like autum

the prayers we say in morning hours
n lunch we take between the class

not forgotten the faces when we get marks
slowly n slightly inside we laugh

teacher.s scolding is like ever in our heart but frndz sympathy is alwys a part

not forgotten the fates of our school
girlz presenting them best n cool

the teacher,s pet shows them over respect
which makes other feel somewhat neglect

the skirts r always above the knees
whic makes our teachers never please

treat makes us know the other girl as we never know who,s the birthday girl

time spend in school is never forgotten as it always been like autum

last but not the least my juniors plzz respect ur teachers n sisters becoz when ull leave frm this place u will be known by ur school only

ur school will be ur identification
n the person who dont give respect to their teachers dont get respect anywhere in the world

ur school has given u foundation to stand in this moving world
when ull leave the school than only ull get to know it

so enjoy life n ur school time

wishes to all of u

best of luck

Indrani said...

I graduated (passed out, is, well fainted!)in 1975 and am in touch with a few friends. would love to get in touch anyone of that batch.
I loved school and the best time of my life was spent under Sr.Janet and Sr.Theodora.I hope they are well and in good health.

DEVRAJ said...

hi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good job akansha!!!!!!!!

BINSY said...


aditi said...

hey akanksha... very good sweets you have done a great job... i am 96 pass out and i came to school a week back, i stay in delhi so i dont get time to visit i cudnt enter the school as the main gate bhaya ji said that today is chutti come on a week day... cant make it on a week day, so i had a lil question, will u be able to speak to mam anju ahuja and see if we cud download the ex angelite form online.... ???? otherwise july will again go and i wont be able to collect the form..thanks a tonn

yash said...

hey anybody there from 1987 secondary batch?
I am jaimala bhagnani, now deepti kalani, living in surat.
i lost my certificate and marksheet and desperately want anybody's roll no. who appeared in 1987 sec. exam to get my own duplicate certi. and mrksht. please inform at my id. at

sangeeta said...

I m Sangeeta Sinha. Wrking as n APO in a management College in Jaipur. I passed out my Schooling from Sophia in 1984-85.I have done my PG from Rajasthan UNiversity. Presently busy with my research from Rajasthan University, Jaipur.

mannresham said...

Hi Akanksha !
great job!thanx a lot !am from the 1981 batch- wish I could know where our dear teachers /batchmates are -you have whetted our appetite for more-see if u can get some more photos n whereabouts of the faculty members-our teachers /sisters/students were special so was our samosawala/imli ped n the leaping frogs outside the lab ,swooping eagles snatching our samosas-God bless u for bringing back sweet memories-Resham Thakur Mann

Sangeeta said...

Hey guys
I am Sangeeta (Bhandari)graduated form St Angela's in 1982 when Sister Theodora was there and of course Ms.Sahejpal.Ms Arora,Ms Sood,Ms Joseph.I just found out that there was aa alumni get together recently but would like to attend any future events.Any from our batch out there?In My recent trip to Jaipur last month,I visited the school and it just brought back a lot of memories.
Please feel free to reach me at

Manisha said...

Hi why not have an e-registration form for alumini

Manisha Agarwal
1983 batch

Sangeeta said...

How do I sign up?

deepali saxena said...

Hi,I M proud 2 b an ex-sophian,good job done by U,made all the memories alive,I passed out in 1986 batch,now i want admission for my daughter in class 11th in commerce stream.

Better Fly "The English Club" said...

hey,great job.btw,which batch do u belong to akansha.
congs for making the sophians and ex sophians proud

Better Fly "The English Club" said...

hey,great job.btw,which batch do u belong to akansha.
congs for making the sophians and ex sophians proud

Priyanka said...

Hi Akanksha,
My name is Priyanka Bomb.
Nice to see something about my alma-mater. I passed out in 92 batch and have been trying to get in touch with old friends. Maybe this will help. It was really nice to see old and familiar names like Sister Theodora and Ms.Braz and all. What a fantastic faculty and the best school in the whole wide world !Period.
If anyone wants to get in touch, my e-mail is
Good luck !
Priyanka Bomb

rashmi said...

Hi akansha
nice job dear,
accidently came across this blog.....

hey guys I,m Rashmi Ahuja from the 80' batch.was into theatre and my partner inevitably used to be Harshita tyagi..still in touch with a few friends of our batch.hmmmm...i think quite a few of them. why cant we have a e-registration form which we can either mail back or download and send a hard copy if required...

My email id is
on face book as rashmi kapoor

Geetanjali said...

Thanks Akanksha for opening up this venue to reconnect. I belong to class of 1986. And am looking for my lost friends :-)
Geetanjali Jain

Parvin said...

Hi, I am from the 1966 batch ..looks like ages for some of you. V are 4 sisters who passed from this school. We all remember Srs Virginia, Sr Celestine, Sr Theodora, Sr Janet. I had visited school some years ago and was happy to meet Sr Janet who was the principal then. Am planning to visit school again and hope to get some news about these nuns. V als fondly remember Mrs Joseph, Mrs Saxena, Mrs Arora, Mrs Sehajpal, Mrs Vaish and Mrs Johari. I have recently connected with about 8-10 gals from my batch.But would like information of others, some senior gals who were with Nergis and Aban Dumasia (mu older sisters)and some junior gals who were with my younger sister (Maharookh). If anyone has info pl contact me at Parvin Vasaigara (nee) Dumasia.

SAPNA said...

hi!! miss u gals...mising skul!!!

SAPNA said...

hi!! miss u gals...mising skul!!!

Pricilla said...


Sangeeta said...

Hi Everyone!Just wanted to know how I could sign up for the Alumni?Get in touch with our 1982batchmates and more?

Rajeev said...

Hey Any one can tell me regarding any vacancy for primary teacher in St. Angela Sophia School. I am much interested to join St. Angela Sophia School. At preasent I am working with a reputed High School in Jaipur.

St antonys church perunna said...
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PRABHA said...

Hi Akanksha,

I am an old student of this school. I too remember Sr. Theodra and Sr Janet. I did my 6th grade to 10th grade there. I have no records of my friends etc. I am just trying to see if I could get in touch with my best friend. Her name is Neelima Khandelwal. I passed on in 1979 or 1980 i.e my 10th grade. I moved out from there to mumbai and lost touch with everyone.

Good job Akanksha.. Keep it up!!..

Thanks dear...

Jaswant K Matharu said...

Hello all you sophians!

This is fantastic - I left sophia in 1968 - I' love to get in touch with anyone from that era.

Sister Janet was Head and I remember Sister Theodora, Mrs Joseph, Miss Bhalla, Mrs Vaish.

Oh my god! all those memories are flooding back. I moved to Delhi and from there I have been in England since 1973...wonder if any Sophians are in the U.K.?

I'd love to hear from anyone who might remember me and my sisters.
We were the furniture suppliers - OBHI Brothers at Mirza Ismail road.

My name is Jaswant ... if you do.. please get in touch at:

My warm best wishes and sweet memories to all who remember us!

comeast said...

hi, i am maruti joshi , passed out in 1991, jaipur sophia. i was also vice president of the school. iwant to get in touch with my classmates ;-nidhi kotari, kanwaljeet kaur , rashi arora .pl., help me .send maoil on my id,

Shreya said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii.......I m Shreya Gupta...working as an executive in BHEL, New Delhi...passed out in 2004... Really glad to see the website........ Miss the skool days badlyyyyy

sakshi golecha said...

hiii i m sakshi golecha(passed out in 2000... batch) glad 2 see sophia seriously missng ths school days, frnds,teachers nd evrthng we got frm here.

hinasuhel said...

Hi Sophians,
I'm Hina Ansari now Hina Khan working as Executive Communications in Sir Padampat Singhania University,Udaipur.
Passed out in1987 batch.I miss my school days,Anju mam,Andrew mam,Sahejpal mam,Smith mam,Monica mam,Sood mam,Sister Vinya,Sr Joslene,all my classmates,juniors,Seniors,my class,playground,canteen,samosa,icecream,auditorium which is one of the best,the bell sound every thing.Anjali, Anju,Smita,Rakhi,Chandana,Indira Rawat,Manisha Vashisth,Anupma,Sapna,Rumjhum.....I'm in contact with Anju,Smita,Rakhi but rest ??? contact me on

Love u and miss u all


Sonia said...

Hi Akanksha and Everyone,

I accidentally came across this blog. I passed out in 1986 and have such fond memories of my school life. Thanks for the pictures....I so much wanted to show my daughters, the school I went to, what kind of uniforms we wore etc. I am surprised to see salwar kurta as an option now...


vandita said...

Hi Akansha
It's a commendable job that you have done, kindly upgrade the blog put more pictures of school and our beloved teachers and like most of the request please start the e registration ex sophians.

Cheers to all

class of 2002

maana said...

Hey every body, My daughter Monika is a student of class 3 in St. Angela Sophia Jaipur. She used to be a bright student,bubbling with energy and new ideas,always ready to participate in school activities and used to perform and win almost all the school competitions.Since last one month she is under depression because of the new principal of primary section Sr Merillyn She behaves almost like a dictator and punished my innocent child for a petty mistake she did'nt even do.It was just that she was standing with the girl who committed the mistake. Now my child is not ready to participate in any of the school activity.I feel really bad for her. Sr Merillyn does'nt deserves to be the head of such a nobel institution. She does all to h arras the students and their parents too.I feel
being a Principal is the greatest of all services that can be rendered by men to Almighty God,and that is the education and training of children, inculcating discipline and moral values too.

Sefali Agraval said...

Thanks for sharing. it's nice. keep more sharing like the same..

Nursery Schools Mumbai

Sujata Sharma said...

hi any can tell me where i kiran s
harma 1984 batch

Teddy Chauds said...
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Kapil Singh said...

nice conversation that you guys doing here continue and keep sharing about more information about school.
best schools in jaipur

Raj Tholia said...

Hi, Akanksha I passsed in 1975 all from LKG to 11th, my goodness way back! Mrs Sahejpal, Saxena, Arora, Andrews, Santana, Joseph, Samuel, Johar, Pandey, PT sir, Madhu sir, Mrs Bhatnagar, And all sisters, Sr Theodara
2 imli trees in front of office,everything is like it all happened yesterday.
Looking for friends who passed in 1974-75 batch. Please contact raj tholia, my school name was raj kumari tongya, email

Sachi said...

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